As a church, we believe that worship is a whole life event, not just the corporate events on a Sunday.

The Sunday morning service at Amesbury Baptist church is based on the ‘all age worship’ principle, with various age groups meeting during the course of the morning. The aim is that everyone in the service who attends will find something in the service to inspire and guide them.

Sharing of holy communion is central to our worship and occurs every first and third Sunday. The communion table is open and all ages are invited to receive bread and wine.

Barry Davis, our pastor usually leads the service. We also have several members of the congregation who are gifted in leading and preaching.
There are activities for children and young people between the ages of 0 and teens during the service.

Caring and nurturing

Amesbury Baptist Church seeks to care for and nurture its members through a series of cell (home groups) who meet in various locations throughout the week and to which every church member is encouraged to belong.
There are also various teaching sessions during the year to help members grow in faith and discipleship. Please see our forthcoming events.
Fellowship (meeting together) is an important part of our faith and is shown by the practical way in which we care for each other when we are ill or need help. Please contact us if you would someone to visit you, pray for you or contact you. If you don’t let us know, we cannot help and we would love to be given that opportunity.

Rollercoaster of life

We recognise that sometimes life is easy, sometimes it is hard, but it often doesn’t go as planned. We believe that god is with us through the good times and the bad, guiding us in our choices and being a constant loving presence.
If you would like someone to talk to and / or pray with you, please contact us.

Life of a Christian

It is not just about going to church on Sunday; it is a whole life experience:
We believe that god answers some of the big questions in life such as:

  • Why are we here?
  • What is it all about?
  • Who am I?

We would love to tell you more about it and have a discussion with you– please contact us


Believers’ baptism is at the core of our belief. We have a baptistery within the church for full immersion baptism as outlined in the bible.
It is a symbol of an adult leaving their old life behind and coming into a new life with god.
Infant blessings are carried out at Amesbury Baptist church as a way of welcoming babies and children into the church family. The parents, supporters and the church all make promises about caring for the child and raising them in a Christian way.


What do you do on a Sunday?

We meet to worship God at 10:30 in a service which lasts for about an hour. This is described in Sunday morning service. If you still have questions or we have missed something in explaining it, please contact us.

What is the subject of the sermons?

Sermons are based on the bible readings of the day and tend to explain them as well as provide inspiration and reflection. If you want to have an idea of the subjects of our sermons, go to our downloads section and listen before you come along.

What is the children’s address about?

It varies week-by-week and usually includes some form of activity or demonstration which is designed to be fun for most children.

Why are you a Christian?

We choose to be Christian and to learn more about God. We turn away from lives which are dictated by always wanting more material goods and carefully consider our actions and their impact on others. But we are also normal people, with a variety of different backgrounds, jobs, family situations and issues. More details are on the life of a Christian page.

What is it like being a Christian?

It is not always easy and can bring many challenges, but these are outweighed by the peace that can come to you when you walk alongside Jesus, knowing that God is watching out for you and that you are always given enough resources to cope with whatever life throws at you. More details are on the life of a Christian page.

What is prayer?

Simply put, prayer is when we talk and listen to god. You don’t have to be in a special place, sit in a particular position or speak certain words. We believe that god knows what we are thinking, so we don’t even need to say what we want to pray about aloud; sometimes it is difficult to know what to say. By voicing it out loud, it helps to bring clarity to what you want to say.
The most important thing is to make time for prayer, to sit quietly focusing on God.

How do I join Amesbury Baptist Church?

Everyone is welcome to come along on a Sunday or to any of our other activities. Please look at our Sunday service page or at the events calendar or activities pages.

What do I wear to church?

You wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Some people like to wear smarter clothes, others come in their jeans.  It is a personal choice and you will not be judged as god accepts us as we are and we try to do the same.

Where do I park?

We have a reasonable sized free car park next to the church with a few designated disabled places.